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August Recipes

I know that you know that there are hundreds of recipes on But how to find them? There’s a search box at the top of each page: Put a keyword in the box and references to recipes with that word should appear. I also know that many of you are not as adept at this search and retrieve process as you’d like. I know I’m not. To make recipe retrieving a little easier, therefore, here are some direct links to a few recipes in the The Food Maven archives that are appropriate right now.

While we have a brief respite from the intense heat and humidity, you might even be able to turn the oven on again and bake my famous custardy Peach Crostata (also good with plums).

Nika Hazelton's Garden Vegetable Soup This recipe doesn’t have a liquid. The vegetable’s juices make the liquid. It’s not a brothy brew, more like a vegetable stew.

Rosaria's Chicken and Stringbean Salad and Stringbeans Braised with Tomatoes and Mint Rosaria is Baronessa Cecilia’s sister, my friend and a great cook.

Summer Pestos I offered these recipes just a couple of weeks ago. They are recipes from Southern Italy, a few of which ARE NOT in “The Southern Italian Table.”

Josie's Blueberry Buckle Josie Whitney was my neighbor in Connecticut. If you have wild blueberries where you live, this is a good place to put them.

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