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Restaurant Guide to Naples:
Cafes and Sweets


Gay Odin Vesuvius in bitter chocolate, filled with chocolate ganache, is one of the specialities of Gay Odin, Naples oldest and best chocolate shops -- at three locations in the city.



cl   Gran Caffé Gambrinus: This is the city's most celebrated cafe. It's near the big hotels, the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace), San Carlo opera house, etc., and it attracts politicians and other influential Neapolitans. It used to attract celebrities, I'm told. The coffee is excellent. The pastries are pretty, but I've found their flavor and quality hit and miss.
    Via Chiaia 1/2, (081) 417 582
  Gran Caffé La Caffettiera: I love sitting here, at one of the city's most fashionable squares, in the afternoon, when many of the local fancy ladies gather for their daily gossip fest. Either belying or defying Naples' reputation as a dangerous city, many of them wear big jewels and serious furs, these last even when the weather is merely nippy. It's a hoot, and both the coffee and pastries are excellent.
    Piazza Vanvitelli 10B, Vomero Closed Sunday

    Piazza dei Martiri 25-26
  Gelateria Mario Daniele: Some of the best frozen desserts in Naples are at this lovely neighborhood pasticceria-gelateria. My friends who live in Vomero like to buy their special occasion desserts, cakes, and candies here. This is a great upper middle class local shopping neighborhood to walk through - beautiful 19th century residential architecture and many good shops, and this is a great pit stop.
    Via A. Scarlatti 102-108, Vomero. Closed Tuesday
  Gay Odin Chocolate -- This is the fancy chocolatier of Naples, with several locations. 237 via Chiaia is the most central for tourists. Try the filled chocolate Mt. Vesuvius. It's not the greatest chocolate in the world, but Vesuvio in chocolate is a hoot and a good gift to bring home.
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